Saturday, November 13, 2010

What are your financial objectives?

A key to successful financial planning is to identify your personal objectives, so that you are better placed to achieve them. The following objectives are some which my clients are aspired to achieve.
Which apply in your own case?

  • INCREASE my net spendable income
  • IMPROVE my quality of life
  • SAVE tax (including income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax)
  • INCREASE the return on my investments
  • SAVE money by using it effectively
  • INCREASE my expected income in retirement
  • GAIN peace of mind by feeling financially comfortable
  • REDUCE paperwork
  • IMPROVE my insight into present and future values of my pension schemes
  • INCREASE my financial security
  • REDUCE time spent worrying about my financial affairs
  • ACHIEVE financial independence
  • IMPROVE my business performance
  • SAFEGUARD my family and dependents
  • IMPROVE the organisation of my financial affairs
  • INCREASE my financial awareness
  • REDUCE personal, business and investment risks
  • INCREASE the net amounts I give to charity
Any interesting financial objectives to share?

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