Friday, August 31, 2012

Do you know what is the current amount for CPF MSS?

In the first place, what is CPF MSS?

It is the Central Provident Fund Minimum Sum Scheme.
The objective is to provide a basic standard of living for the CPF members in Singapore to be able to receive a constant stream of income from their CPF fund when they reach age 65 (currently the retirement age).

So what is the current CPF Minimum Sum?
I will encourage you to take part in the LinkedIn Polls and make a guess. Let's find out how many will get the correct answer. Meanwhile, I will be sharing more on this scheme and how we are going to handle certain issues on retirement planning. Feel free to ask and comment.

How it could benefit us when we get to enjoy our retired years.
Or are we going to retired from our enjoyment altogether?


  1. In order to participate the poll, you need to have a LinkedIn account. Your interest could registered via this link,

    However, no worries, if you don't intend to get one. I will keep you updates via the comment under this blog.

  2. In Singapore, we have the Central Provident Fund (Known as CPF) is a social security savings plan that has provided many working Singaporeans with a sense of security and confidence in achieving their basic retirement need.


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