Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dear Business Owner, what do you want to happen to your business when you die or retire?

Let's see how this poll could cast an insight on the type of planning do the business owners have done for themselves.

I'm be looking forward to the results, do you not?
I will be drafting an article on business succession planning.
Stay tune for more.

What do you do with your CPF?

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a comprehensive social security savings plan that has provided many working Singaporeans with a sense of security and confidence in managing their finance. There are 5 main areas which listed in the poll where you could make full use of your CPF to create, protect, enhance, preserve & distribute your CPF.

The objective of this particular poll is to find out which area of planning is your main concern based on your current life stage. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Do you know what is the current amount for CPF MSS?

In the first place, what is CPF MSS?

It is the Central Provident Fund Minimum Sum Scheme.
The objective is to provide a basic standard of living for the CPF members in Singapore to be able to receive a constant stream of income from their CPF fund when they reach age 65 (currently the retirement age).

So what is the current CPF Minimum Sum?
I will encourage you to take part in the LinkedIn Polls and make a guess. Let's find out how many will get the correct answer. Meanwhile, I will be sharing more on this scheme and how we are going to handle certain issues on retirement planning. Feel free to ask and comment.

How it could benefit us when we get to enjoy our retired years.
Or are we going to retired from our enjoyment altogether?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Position available: Financial Consultant (Independent Financial Adviser Representative)

I'm sourcing for dedicated people who want to serve the financial needs of the community. I will be selecting and providing our training system to the 10 suitable candidates to be equipped with financial knowledge and relevant skill to be competent Financial Consultant (Independent Financial Adviser Representative, a.k.a. IFA).

If you are highly-motivatedgoal-oriented, and have a strong desire to serve the community, please don't hesitate to contact me. I believe that you would be the right person to be in this financial advisory profession.

Job Description
  • To profile clients’ needs and provide them with purposeful financial consulting services.
  • To acquire new clients through your own means or through our dynamic range of business development and sales activities.
  • Actively promote and cross-sell a wide range of wealth management products - such as Structured Investment, Life Insurance, Personal and Commercial Insurance, Unit Trusts and Alternative Investment etc.
  • Engage in business development activities, including client presentations, demos, proposal writing, and meetings.

Desired Skills & Experience
  • Self-motivated, with a strong will to excel in a competitive environment.
  • Diploma's holder, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 2 years of marketing / sales experience. Accreditation in CMFAS Module 5, 8, 8A, 9, 9A & HI is highly preferred.
  • Ability to effectively interact and communicate with a broad range of people.
  • Able to take initiative and work well in a team environment.
  • Pleasant personality and good learning attitude.
  • Applicable to Singaporean or Singapore PR age 21 years and above ONLY. 

Company Description

Financial Alliance is a leading and award-winningIndependent Financial Advisory Firm in Singapore. We are a one-stop centre offering one of the widest ranges of wealth management - including Islamic Wealth Management - and financial planning solutions available in the market to benefit our individual and corporate clients. We achieve this only by building our systems and infusing our people with a pro-client attitude, working with world class partners and insisting on a high level of competence and professionalism from our entire team.

Being one of the largest Independent Financial Advisory firms in Singapore, we have over 40,000 clients who reap tremendous value from the unbiased nature of our financial advice - that is, advice aligned to their specific needs and goals.

Additional Information

Type: Full-time
Experience: Entry level / Fresh Graduates, Experienced Bankers, Relationships Managers, Mortgage Officer,  Financial Advisers, Career Switch.
Functions: Financial Advisory, Planning & Consulting.
Industries: Financial Planning, Investment Management, Risk Management, Insurance & Protection Planning, Financial Services Advisory. 
Compensation: Revenue Sharing plus Productivity Bonus

Who needs financial planning?

Need a financial plan? 
Who is it for? In "Financial Well-Being for Everyone", I've explained the process of financial planning and how one could benefit from it. Financial planning is not buying a product, it is a process how well one is able and willing to allocate their resources to achieve their financial objectives.

Take charge is the key in achieving financial success.  This is a common sUccess traits for those who want to be in control of their time and money. There is another group who values quality financial & investment advice. They are the Busy working professional. They do extremely well in earning their means and acquiring assets but have no time to manage their finance. They need someone, a competent financial planner who provide sound and timely advice. To monitor their financial progress, setting the yardstick along their financial journey and achieving them one by one. There is this group of people who want to be carefree and achieving their Financial Independence. Stability and preservation are their main concern. And, they have already accumulated substantial wealth to achieve their goal within 10-15 years. Different age groups required an unique set of solutions to cater to their financial need and based on my observation, I've listed the type of clientele whom I have worked with over the years.
  • People in their 30s who are finishing student loan & credit car payments...
  • People in their 40s who are saving for retirement and planning for education costs...
  • People in their 50s who are saving for retirement and paying for university...
  • People in their 60s who are "officially" retiring from work...
It seems that everyone need a financial plan.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 ears 1 mouth... listen to talk, talk to listen?

Some reference questions which I have gathered and apply over my years in financial advisory...Feel free to add to this list. More could benefit from our sharing.

What do I want to accomplish with my life? What do I want to accomplish with my money? What is my number 1 priority? What are my top five priorities?
If I were now 100 and looking back, what would I Like to to have accomplished?
What's really important to me? What's important about money to me?
Where do I see myself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? at age 100?
What is my 100-year plan? What are my goals?What are the milestones in my life up tip now? What does financial freedom mean to me? What does success mean to me? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my mission?
If I could design and live my ideal calendar, what would it look like?
If I knew I had only six months to live, what changes would I make in my life?
If I knew I have only six months to live, what changes would I make in my estate plan?
If I could live my life over again, what would I do differently?
If I knew that I could not fail, what would I do?

If I had $1,000,000, what would I do with it? How would I want to leave it?
How much is enough? What is my exit strategy?
What are my primary concerns? What keeps me awake at night?
When I die, to whom will my family turn for advice? Who are my primary advisors?
What is the most important advice I could give to my children?

How do I want to be remembered by my children? My grandchildren? My favourite charity? My community? By society? If I were to be remembered for only one thing, what would I want it to be?
What would I like to accomplish as a result of developing a master action plan?
Who are the ten most important people in my life outside of my immediate family?
Where do I want my money to go?

How do I feel about the tax system in this country?
How do I feel about inherited wealth?
What is my investment philosophy?
Aside form my company stock, how would I rate myself as an investor?
What mistakes have I made as an investor?

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