Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Market Accumulation Portfolio - MAP 2012

Yes we are back again after we had acquired a good track record for the MRP (Market Recovery Portfolio) in late 2008. The MRP adopted a 10-month Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy to ride on the recovery market trend.

Now, for similar approach we have the Market Accumulation Portfolio (MAP) to help you to accumulate your wealth based on the current market condition.

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As much as we would like to achieve extraordinary performance, I would like to bring to your attention that past performance of the portfolio mentioned might not be an indication for future performance. Moreover, the portfolio selected is based upon your risk profile, your attained age, your current financial situation, your ability and willingness to accept calculated risk. Risk is something you need to understand and to consider before committed to any investment program. Please take note that by doing nothing itself is also considered taking one form of risk. Thus it is important to know how risk and return interact and to understand what type of investments might suit your risk appetites. So contact us to find out which invested assets could help you to achieve your financial goals!

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Contribute to your SRS* account for 2012

SRS* is also known as the 

Supplementary Retirement Scheme*

The SRS is part of the Singapore government’s multi-pronged strategy 
to address the financial needs of a greying population by helping 
Singaporeans to save more for their old age.

And at the same time, you could get to enjoy some tax savings.

However, this scheme is NOT for everyone!

I've attached a self-assessment to check if you are qualified for this amazing scheme.

Alternatively, you could contact Chew Hock Beng @ +65 9389 7195 to explain how 
you could benefit from this scheme, 
based on your financial needs and your objectives.

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

* For more information, you could refer to the link @ Ministry of Finance @ SRS.