Monday, July 23, 2012


As a devoted Manager, I'm constantly sourcing for the person with the right attitude to join our profession. I'll trained to ensure their competency to serve with integrity. I'll do my utmost best to retain the finest Financial Consultants to serve the community. In addition, I'm also committed to serve my clientele as a financial planning practitioner providing sound and timely advice.

As devoted and committed to the profession, I'll strived to assist families in identifying their stewardship responsibility to enhance True Wealth Management by creating unique systems, strategies and structure for family and financial empowerment with ongoing accountability to enrich quality of life without giving up choice and control.

The True Wealth Concept is built upon on 4 important values, i.e. Clarity, Balance, Focus & Confidence. These empowered me to assume the role of a "Certified behaviour Financial Coach" ( CbFC ) to coach every well-being to Understand assets, to Optimise assets, and to Seek True Wealth to uphold é human capital, é intellectual property, é financial assets, and é family values.

With this amazing tool, PREZI would illustrate my mission, my vision and my goal in this financial advisory profession.

If you share my view & we have something in common & you are inspired to excel in your life with a strong aspiration to serve the community passionately, I welcome you to walk this journey with us, join us as 7CAPITAList, Together wE can Achieve More as a TEAM.

As the saying "Per Aspera Ad Astra Are you willing & able?

iFA with 7capitalist...

The Five Pillars of Wealth!

My Beliefs. My Principles. My System.

In addition to my strong belief, my guiding principles, my robust system, I could like to explain my planning process which I call it "H.E.A.R.D."

More often than not, people want to be heard and once they have been heard, they will want to hear from you more. Thus we could delight our clientele and "heard" what they have to say and not to "hurt" them for not achieving their goals during the process.

In a nutshell, "HEARD" is a financial planning process to provide a path to construct client-adviser relationship, a mutual agreement to work hand-in-hand for the long haul. Since financial planning is not just about getting a product to have a quick fix, it is a long, tedious and can be quite trying at times, to build trust based on long term mutual commitment on both parties.

Let's this prezi presentation to illustrate my point further.