Saturday, October 27, 2012

The structure of our Fee Advisory Model (Coming Soon!)

We will be publishing the type of financial services you be expecting to receive from our independence financial advisory services. 

At that moment, we will also announce the cost that you are required to pay us for the arduous work we are going to work for you. There will be a list of services available that is relevant to your current financial situation. Various wealth management options are available accordingly to suit your financial welfare.

The basis of our fee structure is based on Transparency, Equity and Reasonableness. We practice Good Faith, Full Disclosure and Relevance Advice while serving our clientele to achieve their financial objectives.

Want to know more, stay tune to our Fee Advisory Model. Announcing Soon. 

We will be looking forward to serve you better. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our very First Initiative... Seminar/Workshop Just for You.

The training room was packed with our financial consultants who are excited with the new initiatives. It's going to be a treat for our client. As illustrated by the brochure above, we will be launching a series of Retirement Seminar together with the Will Writing Services. In addition, we have launched some exclusive products with you in mind.  Check with me for more details.

AT the same time, 
we would be running a series of financial literacy workshop.
Some available topics of interest....
[4] Divest to Invest
[5] Ways to improve your financial advisory practice
[6] Wealth Succession & Distribution

Do check out the various link for more information.
If you have a group of family members, friends &/or colleagues (>10 pax)
we could arrange to conduct the workshop at mutual convenience.
Should you have any specific topic in mind, we will do my best to match your request.
For more details, please conduct Chew Hock Beng @ +65 9389 7195.