Sunday, September 9, 2012

Insured the under-insured

Are we financially secure?
Are we prepared for the unforeseen?
Are we adequately covered?

Let's explore together.


  1. An average working adults in Singapore need about $626,000 worth of coverage, do you have that coverage?

    Refer to LIA Protection Gap Study 2012 (28 Aug 2012) @

  2. In addition to the recent reports by LIA Protection Gap Study (28 Aug 2012), there are many evidence showing Singaporeans are under-insured.

    Links as follows:


  3. Besides the risk of early demise, disability can happen to anyone at anytime. Question is how financially prepared are we to counter these unforeseen mishap?

    Council for Disability Awareness (DCA) has lots of helpful info here @

    Please note that the data are based on US demographics.
    And, contact a qualified financial planner to set up your disability income plan.

  4. As a potential insurance plan owner, the following resources are what you must expect to receive from your insurance-based financial planner or anyone who is licensed to sell you insurance products.

    Please refer to the consumer guide section by LIA (Life Insurance Association)

    Please seek qualified insurance-based planner to explain the details of the guide whichever is relevant before your purchase of the respective insurance product.

  5. A useful reference, by Life Happens, to understand how disability income insurance would help you in securing an income replacement plan before any unexpected happens.

  6. As mentioned in the guide " What you need to know about Long Term Care (LTC) insurance?", they are 4 good reasons for you to consider LTC or our ElderShield.

    They are
    [1] Gets you the care you need in the setting of your choice
    [2] Helps you maintain your independence
    [3] Can protect your retirement assets
    [4] Helps relieve financial and caregiving pressure on your family


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