Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Helpful Financial Tools in our Resource Center

7CAPITAL Resource Center provides some useful spreadsheets to help you in understanding your personal finance. This mind map tool provide direction and could lead you to spreadsheets that might be applicable to your situation. Side by side, explanation notes & illustrations, which is linked within my blog, helps to explain certain financial planning concepts. Hence, this would lead you to understand your current personal financial situation so that you could arrive your ultimate financial destination "safe & sound'. The available tools would determine how you are going to achieve your financial goal. BTW, going through the financial planning process required your conscious discipline, as my coach once told me, "Hock Beng, we can't build muscles by lifting feathers."

Do come back for more as I would be updating this mind map as whenever new stuffs (tools, applications, illustrations, templates) are ready and available for your references.

I hope that this reference would truly be a helpful resource for your personal financial well-being.

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  1. Added a simple goal setting worksheet.
    "7capital Resource Center > (1) Creation > goal setting"

    Explain the different type of financial documents.
    "7capital Resource Center > (1) Creation > understanding financial documents"

    Disclaimers apply.

  2. Simple Cash Flow Statement work sheet.
    "7capital > (1)Creation > Financial Statement > Cash Flow"

  3. Retirement Planning worksheet.
    "7capital resource center > (6)Annualized >Retirement"

    A powerful spreadsheet that provide you simple and straight forward analysis. Funding options are discussed and explained too.

  4. "Health Guide for Travellers" by HPB, a handy guide for travellers.
    "7capital resource center > (3)Protection > Travel Insurance"
    Don't leave home for your trips without it. And you need travel insurance, we got it.

  5. A list of self-provoking questions.
    "7capital resource center > (1)Creation > goal setting > swot analysis > ask oneself."

    Next, set the blog link to the different type of financial objectives that you might be interested.
    "7capital resource center > (1)Creation > goal setting > smart objectives."

  6. Yes, I've just uploaded the (consumer) link to SRS calculation & analysis. Hope you find this useful. Please note that only the yellow cell is allow to enter your data.

    If you are interested to understand how this spreadsheet work, please contact me.

    Here the direction to this awesome spreadsheet.
    "7capital resource center > (5)Tax-effective transfer > tax treatment > tax avoidance > SRS > For Consumer."


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