Thursday, November 11, 2010

Setting up your business?

What business, other that the financial services industry, offers you the opportunity to:
  • Go into business of your own with $1,000 of capital?
  • Have only your clients as your boss?
  • Be paid exactly in proportion to your ability and results?
  • Have unlimited as to the amount of money you can earn?
  • Be allowed to tailor-make your own working hours?
  • Work without fear of having your quota raised or your territory or commission scale diminished?
  • Work without having your success pattern depend upon your ability to "butter up" the owner or the people at company headquarters?
  • Be in a position where there is no jealousy or bitter rivalry between yourself and your producers; where your success cannot in any way impair your producer's progress, or vice versa?
  • Be in a business that becomes easier and less demanding as you grow older, compared to the mounting pressures encountered in most business?
Look no further, there is none other than the Financial Services Industry! 

Chew Hock Beng B.Eng, CLU, ChFC, CFPCM, RFC®, CBC, ACBC, LUTCf, FSS, Dip.SCI(Life), Dip.SCI(General), MDRT 2005, 2006, 2007, ANZIFF(Assoc) CIP, ASII, FIFP(S'pore) 
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